BudgIT Ghana Press Statement




Earlier this year, BudgIT Ghana, a foremost civic organization that applies technology to ensure transparency and accountability while intersecting citizen engagement with institutional improvement to facilitate societal change, undertook two studies on Health Sector Transparency and Accountability in Ghana and Vaccine Equity and Distribution Research in Ghana. These studies sought to outline problems and related emerging issues and measure changes in different transformational epochs to ultimately inform civil society advocacy towards health sector transparency and vaccine equity.

The COVID-19 Transparency and Accountability Project (CTAP) is committed to tracking all resources from the public sector, private, multilateral and bilateral donors committed to the COVID-19 pandemic. The Resources expended during the pandemic ranged from grants, donations, loans and material support. The CTAP project looks to track all the resources committed to Africa. As we believe this will give us a perspective on the management of COVID-19 funds in Africa. Amidst this global health emergency of international concern, multinational institutions, NGOs, INGOs, Governments, and Development partners are contributing millions of dollars to the fight against Covid-19. Corruption within public services deepens people’s suspicions of government health actions, and it undermines healthcare access.

The CTAP Phase II is an initiative that seeks to stimulate public conversation around ensuring proper accountability and transparency of funding and finances donated to the fight against Covid-19 during this Public Health Emergency of International Concern (PHEIC). This project seeks to promote accountability and transparency by tracking COVID-19 intervention funds across 10 African Countries through the adoption of following the money initiative.

The other component of The CTAP Project focuses on strengthening institutional and stakeholder engagement for health sector accountability and transparency. Thus, the findings of these reports will be used as a conduit to engage with relevant authorities in the health sector including the Ministry of Health, Ghana Health Service, etc to advocate for health sector accountability and vaccine equity.


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